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    FRIGHT! A Classic Horror Movie Zine, is a project revolving around classic horror movies and their villains!The project is aimed to include a wide variety of classic horror villains. We will not only have villains, but will also include other main characters.

    What is a zine?A zine, or a fanzine, is a magazine or booklet composed of fan works and fan content!Will this be for profit or for charity?We will prioritize contributors getting free physical zine copies, and hopefully full bundles. Any other profits will be donated to charity.Will this be physical or digital?We will be a physical project! We will also make digital options.What merch will be available?We will have a variety of merch! Such as: a card deck, prints, poster prints, postcard prints, dye cut stickers, sticker sheets, buttons, acrylic keychains, and enamel pins.What is the criteria for movies to be included?This zine will include all sorts of classic horror movies, to be included it must be a well-known or classic horror movie. We will not include movies made after 2000.What characters from movies will be included?The main characters that will be included are the villains. Other main characters and other notable protagonists/antagonists will also be included, but the main focus of all works will be of the main most well-known antagonists!How can I buy the zine?Preorders for the project are open until October 31st! Visit our shop link to purchase a copy.Will participants get free copies?The goal for this project is to give participants a free copy of the physical zine booklet, it is our goal to make sure everyone gets full bundles. Depending on sales full bundles may or may not happen. The moderator team will do everything in their power to make it happen.In some instances, contributors may need to pay for shipping only or have to pay the production price. In short, the goal is for free copies and merch. The worst outcome is contributors needing to pay the lowered production price or shipping. But rest assured the price will be lowered as much as profits will allow.How can I get in contact?DM us via any social media, send us an email at [email protected]What is the schedule for this project?Find the schedule here on our Carrd!